Package groovy.util

Class Proxy

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Proxy extends GroovyObjectSupport
Dynamic groovy proxy for another object. All method invocations get forwarded to actual object, unless the proxy overrides it. See groovy/util/ProxyTest.groovy for usage details.
  • Constructor Details

    • Proxy

      public Proxy()
  • Method Details

    • wrap

      public Proxy wrap(Object adaptee)
      This method is for convenience. It allows to get around the need for defining dump ctors in subclasses. See unit tests for details.
    • getAdaptee

      public Object getAdaptee()
    • setAdaptee

      public void setAdaptee(Object adaptee)
    • invokeMethod

      public Object invokeMethod(String name, Object args)
      Description copied from interface: GroovyObject
      Invokes the given method.
      name - the name of the method to call
      args - the arguments to use for the method call
      the result of invoking the method
    • iterator

      public Iterator iterator()