Package groovy.lang

Interface GroovyObject

All Known Subinterfaces:
GroovyInterceptable, GroovyResultSet
All Known Implementing Classes:
AntBuilder, Attribute, Attributes, BaseMarkupBuilder, BatchingPreparedStatementWrapper, BatchingStatementWrapper, Binding, BindingProxy, BooleanWrapper, Builder, Builder.Built, BuilderSupport, ByteWrapper, CharWrapper, Closure, ComposedClosure, ConfigObject, CurriedClosure, DelegatingMetaClass, DelegatingScript, DOMBuilder, DoubleWrapper, Expando, ExpandoMetaClass, ExpandoMetaClass.ExpandoMetaConstructor, ExpandoMetaClass.ExpandoMetaProperty, FactoryBuilderSupport, FilteredAttributes, FilteredNodeChildren, FloatWrapper, GPathResult, GroovyMBean, GroovyObjectSupport, GroovyObjectWrapper, GroovyResultSetExtension, GroovyRowResult, GroovyShell, GroovyTypeCheckingExtensionSupport.TypeCheckingDSL, GString, GStringImpl, HandleMetaClass, IntWrapper, IteratorClosureAdapter, JsonBuilder, JsonDelegate, LongWrapper, MarkupBuilder, MessageSource, MethodClosure, MixedInMetaClass, NamespaceBuilderSupport, NoChildren, NodeBuilder, NodeChild, NodeChildren, NodeParents, NonEmptySequence, NullObject, ObjectGraphBuilder, OwnedMetaClass, PojoWrapper, Proxy, Reference, ResultSetMetaDataWrapper, SAXBuilder, Script, ScriptReference, Sequence, ServletBinding, ShortWrapper, StreamingJsonBuilder, StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate, TomlBuilder, Wrapper, YamlBuilder

public interface GroovyObject
The interface implemented by all Groovy objects.

Especially handy for using Groovy objects when in the Java world.

  • Method Details

    • invokeMethod

      default Object invokeMethod(String name, Object args)
      Invokes the given method.
      name - the name of the method to call
      args - the arguments to use for the method call
      the result of invoking the method
    • getProperty

      default Object getProperty(String propertyName)
      Retrieves a property value.
      propertyName - the name of the property of interest
      the given property
    • setProperty

      default void setProperty(String propertyName, Object newValue)
      Sets the given property to the new value.
      propertyName - the name of the property of interest
      newValue - the new value for the property
    • getMetaClass

      MetaClass getMetaClass()
      Returns the metaclass for a given class.
      the metaClass of this instance
    • setMetaClass

      void setMetaClass(MetaClass metaClass)
      Allows the MetaClass to be replaced with a derived implementation.
      metaClass - the new metaclass