Interface Summary
EJBDeploymentTool The interface to implement for deployment tools.

Class Summary
BorlandDeploymentTool BorlandDeploymentTool is dedicated to the Borland Application Server 4.5 and 4.5.1 This task generates and compiles the stubs and skeletons for all ejb described into the Deployment Descriptor, builds the jar file including the support files and verify whether the produced jar is valid or not.
BorlandGenerateClient Generates a Borland Application Server 4.5 client JAR using as input the EJB JAR file.
DescriptorHandler Inner class used by EjbJar to facilitate the parsing of deployment descriptors and the capture of appropriate information.
EjbJar Provides automated EJB JAR file creation.
EjbJar.CMPVersion CMP versions supported valid CMP versions are 1.0 and 2.0
EjbJar.DTDLocation Inner class used to record information about the location of a local DTD
EjbJar.NamingScheme An EnumeratedAttribute class for handling different EJB jar naming schemes
GenericDeploymentTool A deployment tool which creates generic EJB jars.
InnerClassFilenameFilter A filename filter for inner class files of a particular class.
IPlanetDeploymentTool This class is used to generate iPlanet Application Server (iAS) 6.0 stubs and skeletons and build an EJB Jar file.
IPlanetEjbc Compiles EJB stubs and skeletons for the iPlanet Application Server (iAS).
IPlanetEjbcTask Compiles EJB stubs and skeletons for the iPlanet Application Server.
JbossDeploymentTool The deployment tool to add the jboss specific deployment descriptor to the ejb jar file.
JonasDeploymentTool The deployment tool to add the jonas specific deployment descriptors to the ejb JAR file.
WeblogicDeploymentTool The weblogic element is used to control the weblogic.ejbc compiler for generating weblogic EJB jars.
WeblogicTOPLinkDeploymentTool Deployment tool for Weblogic TOPLink.
WebsphereDeploymentTool Websphere deployment tool that augments the ejbjar task.

Exception Summary