Class Summary
ClassCPInfo The constant pool entry which stores class information.
ConstantCPInfo A Constant Pool entry which represents a constant value.
ConstantPool The constant pool of a Java class.
ConstantPoolEntry An entry in the constant pool.
DoubleCPInfo The constant pool entry subclass used to represent double constant values.
FieldRefCPInfo A FieldRef CP Info
FloatCPInfo A Float CP Info
IntegerCPInfo An Integer CP Info
InterfaceMethodRefCPInfo A InterfaceMethodRef CP Info
InvokeDynamicCPInfo An InvokeDynamic CP Info
LongCPInfo A Long CP Info
MethodHandleCPInfo A MethodHandle CP Info
MethodRefCPInfo A MethodRef CP Info
MethodTypeCPInfo A Method Type CP Info
NameAndTypeCPInfo A NameAndType CP Info
StringCPInfo A String Constant Pool Entry.
Utf8CPInfo A UTF8 Constant Pool Entry.

Enum Summary