Interface Summary
AntStructure.StructurePrinter Writes the actual structure information.
ExecuteStreamHandler Used by Execute to handle input and output stream of subprocesses.
Get.DownloadProgress Interface implemented for reporting progress of downloading.
XSLTLiaison Proxy interface for XSLT processors.
XSLTLiaison2 Extended Proxy interface for XSLT processors.
XSLTLiaison3 Extends Proxy interface for XSLT processors.
XSLTLiaison4 Extends Proxy interface for XSLT processors: adds support for XSLT parameters of various types (not only String)
XSLTLogger Interface to log messages for XSLT
XSLTLoggerAware Interface for a class that one can set an XSLTLogger on.

Class Summary
AbstractCvsTask original 1.20 NOTE: This implementation has been moved here from with the addition of some accessors for extensibility.
AbstractJarSignerTask This is factored out from SignJar; a base class that can be used for both signing and verifying JAR files using jarsigner
Ant Build a sub-project.
Ant.Reference Helper class that implements the nested <reference> element of <ant> and <antcall>.
Ant.TargetElement Helper class that implements the nested <target> element of <ant> and <antcall>.
Antlib Antlib task.
AntlibDefinition Base class for tasks that that can be used in antlibs.
AntStructure Creates a partial DTD for Ant from the currently known tasks.
Apt Apt Task for running the Annotation processing tool for JDK 1.5.
Apt.Option The nested option element.
AttributeNamespaceDef Definition to allow the URI to be considered for Ant attributes.
AugmentReference Ant task to dynamically augment a previously declared reference.
Available Will set the given property if the requested resource is available at runtime.
Available.FileDir EnumeratedAttribute covering the file types to be checked for, either file or dir.
Basename Sets a property to the base name of a specified file, optionally minus a suffix.
BindTargets Simple task which bind some targets to some defined extension point
BuildNumber Read, increment, and write a build number in a file It will first attempt to read a build number from a file, then set the property "build.number" to the value that was read in (or 0 if no such value).
BUnzip2 Expands a file that has been compressed with the BZIP2 algorithm.
BZip2 Compresses a file with the BZIP2 algorithm.
CallTarget Call another target in the same project.
Checksum Used to create or verify file checksums.
Checksum.FormatElement Helper class for the format attribute.
Chmod Chmod equivalent for unix-like environments.
Classloader EXPERIMENTAL Create or modifies ClassLoader.
CloseResources Not a real task but used during tests.
CommandLauncherTask Task that configures the CommandLauncher to used when starting external processes.
Componentdef Adds a component definition to the current project.
Concat This class contains the 'concat' task, used to concatenate a series of files into a single stream.
Concat.TextElement sub element points to a file or contains text
ConditionTask Task to set a property conditionally using <uptodate>, <available>, and many other supported conditions.
Copy Copies a file or directory to a new file or directory.
Copydir Deprecated. The copydir task is deprecated since Ant 1.2.
Copyfile Deprecated. The copyfile task is deprecated since Ant 1.2.
CopyPath Deprecated. this task should have never been released and was obsoleted by ResourceCollection support in Copy available since Ant 1.7.0.
Cvs Performs operations on a CVS repository.
CVSPass Adds an new entry to a CVS password file.
DefaultExcludes Alters the default excludes for the entire build..
DefBase Base class for Definitions handling uri and class loading.
Definer Base class for Taskdef and Typedef - handles all the attributes for Typedef.
Definer.Format Enumerated type for format attribute
Definer.OnError Enumerated type for onError attribute
Delete Deletes a file or directory, or set of files defined by a fileset.
Deltree Deprecated. The deltree task is deprecated since Ant 1.2.
DependSet Examines and removes out of date target files.
DiagnosticsTask This is a task that hands off work to the Diagnostics module.
Dirname Determines the directory name of the specified file.
Ear Creates a EAR archive.
Echo Writes a message to the Ant logging facilities.
Echo.EchoLevel The enumerated values for the level attribute.
EchoXML Echo XML.
Exec Deprecated. since 1.2.
ExecTask Executes a given command if the os platform is appropriate.
Execute Runs an external program.
ExecuteJava Execute a Java class.
ExecuteOn Executes a given command, supplying a set of files as arguments.
ExecuteOn.FileDirBoth Enumerated attribute with the values "file", "dir" and "both" for the type attribute.
ExecuteWatchdog Destroys a process running for too long.
Exit Exits the active build, giving an additional message if available.
Expand Unzip a file.
Filter Sets a token filter that is used by the file copy tasks to do token substitution.
FixCRLF Converts text source files to local OS formatting conventions, as well as repair text files damaged by misconfigured or misguided editors or file transfer programs.
FixCRLF.AddAsisRemove Enumerated attribute with the values "asis", "add" and "remove".
FixCRLF.CrLf Enumerated attribute with the values "asis", "cr", "lf" and "crlf".
GenerateKey Generates a key in a keystore.
GenerateKey.DistinguishedName A class corresponding to the dname nested element.
GenerateKey.DnameParam A DistinguishedName parameter.
Get Gets a particular file from a URL source.
Get.Base64Converter Provide this for Backward Compatibility.
Get.NullProgress do nothing with progress info
Get.VerboseProgress verbose progress system prints to some output stream
GUnzip Expands a file that has been compressed with the GZIP algorithm.
GZip Compresses a file with the GZIP algorithm.
HostInfo Sets properties to the host provided, or localhost if no information is provided.
ImportTask Task to import another build file into the current project.
Input Reads an input line from the console.
Input.HandlerType EnumeratedAttribute representing the built-in input handler types: "default", "propertyfile", "greedy", "secure" (since Ant 1.8).
Jar Creates a JAR archive.
Jar.FilesetManifestConfig The manifest config enumerated type.
Jar.StrictMode The strict enumerated type.
Java Launcher for Java applications.
Javac Compiles Java source files.
Javadoc Generates Javadoc documentation for a collection of source code.
Javadoc.AccessType EnumeratedAttribute implementation supporting the Javadoc scoping values.
Javadoc.ExtensionInfo A project aware class used for Javadoc extensions which take a name and a path such as doclet and taglet arguments.
Javadoc.Html An HTML element in the Javadoc.
Javadoc.PackageName Used to track info about the packages to be javadoc'd
Javadoc.SourceFile This class is used to manage the source files to be processed.
JDBCTask Handles JDBC configuration needed by SQL type tasks.
Jikes Deprecated. since 1.2.
JikesOutputParser Deprecated. since 1.2.
KeySubst Deprecated. KeySubst is deprecated since Ant 1.1.
Length Gets lengths: of files/resources, byte size; of strings, length (optionally trimmed).
Length.FileMode EnumeratedAttribute operation mode
Length.When EnumeratedAttribute for the when attribute.
LoadFile Load a file into a property
LoadProperties Load a file's contents as Ant properties.
LoadResource Load a resource into a property
Local Task to create a local property in the current scope.
LogOutputStream Logs each line written to this stream to the log system of ant.
LogStreamHandler Logs standard output and error of a subprocess to the log system of ant.
MacroDef Describe class MacroDef here.
MacroDef.Attribute An attribute for the MacroDef task.
MacroDef.NestedSequential The class corresponding to the sequential nested element.
MacroDef.TemplateElement A nested element for the MacroDef task.
MacroDef.Text A nested text element for the MacroDef task.
MacroInstance The class to be placed in the ant type definition.
MacroInstance.Element Embedded element in macro instance
MakeUrl This task takes file and turns them into a URL, which it then assigns to a property.
Manifest Holds the data of a jar manifest.
Manifest.Attribute An attribute for the manifest.
Manifest.Section A manifest section - you can nest attribute elements into sections.
ManifestClassPath Converts a Path into a property suitable as a Manifest classpath.
ManifestTask Creates a manifest file for inclusion in a JAR, Ant task wrapper around Manifest.
ManifestTask.Mode Helper class for Manifest's mode attribute.
MatchingTask This is an abstract task that should be used by all those tasks that require to include or exclude files based on pattern matching.
Mkdir Creates a given directory.
Move Moves a file or directory to a new file or directory.
Nice A task to provide "nice-ness" to the current thread, and/or to query the current value.
Pack Abstract Base class for pack tasks.
Parallel Executes the contained tasks in separate threads, continuing once all are completed.
Parallel.TaskList Class which holds a list of tasks to execute
Patch Patches a file by applying a 'diff' file to it; requires "patch" to be on the execution path.
PathConvert Converts path and classpath information to a specific target OS format.
PathConvert.TargetOs An enumeration of supported targets: "windows", "unix", "netware", and "os/2".
PreSetDef The preset definition task generates a new definition based on a current definition with some attributes or elements preset.
PreSetDef.PreSetDefinition This class contains the unknown element and the object that is predefined.
ProjectHelperTask Task to install project helper into Ant's runtime
Property Sets a property by name, or set of properties (from file or resource) in the project.
PropertyHelperTask This task is designed to allow the user to install a different PropertyHelper on the current Project.
PumpStreamHandler Copies standard output and error of subprocesses to standard output and error of the parent process.
PumpStreamHandler.ThreadWithPumper Specialized subclass that allows access to the running StreamPumper.
Recorder Adds a listener to the current build process that records the output to a file.
Recorder.ActionChoices A list of possible values for the setAction() method.
Recorder.VerbosityLevelChoices A list of possible values for the setLoglevel() method.
RecorderEntry This is a class that represents a recorder.
Redirector The Redirector class manages the setup and connection of input and output redirection for an Ant project component.
Rename Deprecated. The rename task is deprecated since Ant 1.2.
Replace Replaces all occurrences of one or more string tokens with given values in the indicated files.
ResourceCount Count resources from a ResourceCollection, storing to a property or writing to the log.
Retry Retries the nested task a set number of times
Rmic Runs the rmic compiler against classes.
SendEmail A task to send SMTP email.
Sequential Sequential is a container task - it can contain other Ant tasks.
SignJar Signs JAR or ZIP files with the javasign command line tool.
Sleep Sleep, or pause, for a period of time.
SQLExec Executes a series of SQL statements on a database using JDBC.
SQLExec.DelimiterType delimiters we support, "normal" and "row"
SQLExec.OnError The action a task should perform on an error, one of "continue", "stop" and "abort"
StreamPumper Copies all data from an input stream to an output stream.
SubAnt Calls a given target for all defined sub-builds.
Sync Synchronize a local target directory from the files defined in one or more filesets.
Sync.MyCopy Subclass Copy in order to access it's file/dir maps.
Sync.SyncTarget Inner class used to hold exclude patterns and selectors to save stuff that happens to live in the target directory but should not get removed.
Tar Creates a tar archive.
Tar.TarCompressionMethod Valid Modes for Compression attribute to Tar Task
Tar.TarFileSet This is a FileSet with the option to specify permissions and other attributes.
Tar.TarLongFileMode Set of options for long file handling in the task.
Taskdef Adds a task definition to the current project, such that this new task can be used in the current project.
TaskOutputStream Deprecated. since 1.2.x.
TempFile This task sets a property to the name of a temporary file.
Touch Touch a file and/or fileset(s) and/or filelist(s); corresponds to the Unix touch command.
Transform Has been merged into ExecuteOn, empty class for backwards compatibility.
Truncate Set the length of one or more files, as the intermittently available truncate Unix utility/function.
Tstamp Sets properties to the current time, or offsets from the current time.
Tstamp.Unit set of valid units to use for time offsets.
Typedef Adds a data type definition to the current project.
Unpack Abstract Base class for unpack tasks.
Untar Untar a file.
Untar.UntarCompressionMethod Valid Modes for Compression attribute to Untar Task
UpToDate Sets the given property if the specified target has a timestamp greater than all of the source files.
VerifyJar JAR verification task.
WaitFor Wait for an external event to occur.
WaitFor.Unit The enumeration of units: millisecond, second, minute, hour, day, week
War An extension of <jar> to create a WAR archive.
WhichResource Find a class or resource on the supplied classpath, or the system classpath if none is supplied.
XmlProperty Loads property values from a valid XML file, generating the property names from the file's element and attribute names.
XSLTProcess Processes a set of XML documents via XSLT.
XSLTProcess.Factory The factory element to configure a transformer factory
XSLTProcess.Factory.Attribute A JAXP factory attribute.
XSLTProcess.OutputProperty Specify how the result tree should be output as specified in the specification.
XSLTProcess.Param The Param inner class used to store XSL parameters
Zip Create a Zip file.
Zip.ArchiveState Holds the up-to-date status and the out-of-date resources of the original archive.
Zip.Duplicate Possible behaviors when a duplicate file is added: "add", "preserve" or "fail"
Zip.UnicodeExtraField Policiy for creation of Unicode extra fields: never, always or not-encodeable.
Zip.WhenEmpty Possible behaviors when there are no matching files for the task: "fail", "skip", or "create".
Zip.Zip64ModeAttribute The choices for Zip64 extensions.

Enum Summary
XSLTProcess.ParamType Enum for types of the parameter expression.

Exception Summary
ManifestException Exception thrown indicating problems in a JAR Manifest