Class GZip

  extended by
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public class GZip
extends Pack

Compresses a file with the GZIP algorithm. Normally used to compress non-compressed archives such as TAR files.

Ant 1.1

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void pack()
          perform the GZip compression operation.
protected  boolean supportsNonFileResources()
          Whether this task can deal with non-file resources.
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Constructor Detail


public GZip()
Method Detail


protected void pack()
perform the GZip compression operation.

Specified by:
pack in class Pack


protected boolean supportsNonFileResources()
Whether this task can deal with non-file resources.

This implementation returns true only if this task is <gzip>. Any subclass of this class that also wants to support non-file resources needs to override this method. We need to do so for backwards compatibility reasons since we can't expect subclasses to support resources.

supportsNonFileResources in class Pack
true if this case supports non file resources.
Ant 1.7