Interface Summary
CentralDirectoryParsingZipExtraField ZipExtraField that knows how to parse central directory data.
UnixStat Constants from stat.h on Unix systems.
ZipEncoding An interface for encoders that do a pretty encoding of ZIP filenames.
ZipExtraField General format of extra field data.

Class Summary
AbstractUnicodeExtraField A common base class for Unicode extra information extra fields.
AsiExtraField Adds Unix file permission and UID/GID fields as well as symbolic link handling.
ExtraFieldUtils ZipExtraField related methods
ExtraFieldUtils.UnparseableExtraField "enum" for the possible actions to take if the extra field cannot be parsed.
GeneralPurposeBit Parser/encoder for the "general purpose bit" field in ZIP's local file and central directory headers.
JarMarker If this extra field is added as the very first extra field of the archive, Solaris will consider it an executable jar file.
UnicodeCommentExtraField Info-ZIP Unicode Comment Extra Field (0x6375):
UnicodePathExtraField Info-ZIP Unicode Path Extra Field (0x7075):
UnparseableExtraFieldData Wrapper for extra field data that doesn't conform to the recommended format of header-tag + size + data.
UnrecognizedExtraField Simple placeholder for all those extra fields we don't want to deal with.
UnsupportedZipFeatureException.Feature ZIP Features that may or may not be supported.
Zip64ExtendedInformationExtraField Holds size and other extended information for entries that use Zip64 features.
ZipEightByteInteger Utility class that represents an eight byte integer with conversion rules for the big endian byte order of ZIP files.
ZipEncodingHelper Static helper functions for robustly encoding filenames in zip files.
ZipEntry Extension that adds better handling of extra fields and provides access to the internal and external file attributes.
ZipFile Replacement for java.util.ZipFile.
ZipLong Utility class that represents a four byte integer with conversion rules for the big endian byte order of ZIP files.
ZipOutputStream Reimplementation of that does handle the extended functionality of this package, especially internal/external file attributes and extra fields with different layouts for local file data and central directory entries.
ZipOutputStream.UnicodeExtraFieldPolicy enum that represents the possible policies for creating Unicode extra fields.
ZipShort Utility class that represents a two byte integer with conversion rules for the big endian byte order of ZIP files.
ZipUtil Utility class for handling DOS and Java time conversions.

Enum Summary
Zip64Mode The different modes ZipOutputStream can operate in.

Exception Summary
UnsupportedZipFeatureException Exception thrown when attempting to read or write data for a zip entry that uses ZIP features not supported by this library.
Zip64RequiredException Exception thrown when attempting to write data that requires Zip64 support to an archive and UseZip64 has been set to Never.