Class RetryHandler

  extended by

public class RetryHandler
extends java.lang.Object

A simple utility class to take a piece of code (that implements Retryable interface) and executes that with possibility to retry the execution in case of IOException.

Constructor Summary
RetryHandler(int retriesAllowed, Task task)
          Create a new RetryingHandler.
Method Summary
 void execute(Retryable exe, java.lang.String desc)
          Execute the Retryable code with specified number of retries.
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Constructor Detail


public RetryHandler(int retriesAllowed,
                    Task task)
Create a new RetryingHandler.

retriesAllowed - how many times to retry
task - the Ant task that is is executed from, used for logging only
Method Detail


public void execute(Retryable exe,
                    java.lang.String desc)
Execute the Retryable code with specified number of retries.

exe - the code to execute
desc - some descriptive text for this piece of code, used for logging
Throws: - if the number of retries has exceeded the allowed limit