Interface Summary
Parameterizable Parameterizable objects take generic key value pairs.
ResourceCollection Interface describing a collection of Resources.
ResourceFactory this interface should be implemented by classes (Scanners) needing to deliver information about resources.

Class Summary
AbstractFileSet Class that holds an implicit patternset and supports nested patternsets and creates a DirectoryScanner using these patterns.
AntFilterReader An AntFilterReader is a wrapper class that encloses the classname and configuration of a Configurable FilterReader.
ArchiveFileSet A ArchiveFileSet is a FileSet with extra attributes useful in the context of archiving tasks.
ArchiveScanner ArchiveScanner accesses the pattern matching algorithm in DirectoryScanner, which are protected methods that can only be accessed by subclassing.
Assertions The assertion datatype.
Assertions.BaseAssertion base class for our assertion elements.
Assertions.DisabledAssertion A disabled assertion disables things
Assertions.EnabledAssertion an enabled assertion enables things
Commandline Commandline objects help handling command lines specifying processes to execute.
Commandline.Argument Used for nested xml command line definitions.
CommandlineJava A representation of a Java command line that is a composite of 2 Commandlines.
CommandlineJava.SysProperties Specialized Environment class for System properties.
Comparison EnumeratedAttribute for generic comparisons.
DataType Base class for those classes that can appear inside the build file as stand alone data types.
Description Description is used to provide a project-wide description element (that is, a description that applies to a buildfile as a whole).
DirSet Subclass as hint for supporting tasks that the included directories instead of files should be used.
DTDLocation Helper class to handle the DTD nested element.
EnumeratedAttribute Helper class for attributes that can only take one of a fixed list of values.
Environment Wrapper for environment variables.
Environment.Variable representation of a single env value
FileList FileList represents an explicitly named list of files.
FileList.FileName Inner class corresponding to the <file> nested element.
FileSet Moved out of MatchingTask to make it a standalone object that could be referenced (by scripts for example).
FilterChain FilterChain may contain a chained set of filter readers.
FilterSet A set of filters to be applied to something.
FilterSet.Filter Individual filter component of filterset.
FilterSet.OnMissing EnumeratedAttribute to set behavior WRT missing filtersfiles: "fail" (default), "warn", "ignore".
FilterSetCollection A FilterSetCollection is a collection of filtersets each of which may have a different start/end token settings.
FlexInteger Helper class which can be used for Ant task attribute setter methods to allow the build file to specify an integer in either decimal, octal, or hexadecimal format.
LogLevel The enumerated values for Ant's log level.
Mapper Element to define a FileNameMapper.
Mapper.MapperType Class as Argument to FileNameMapper.setType.
Parameter A parameter is composed of a name, type and value.
Path This object represents a path as used by CLASSPATH or PATH environment variable.
PatternSet Named collection of include/exclude tags.
Permissions This class implements a security manager meant for usage by tasks that run inside the Ant VM.
Permissions.Permission Represents a permission.
PropertySet A set of properties.
PropertySet.BuiltinPropertySetName Used for propertyref's builtin attribute.
PropertySet.PropertyRef This is a nested class containing a reference to some properties and optionally a source of properties.
Quantifier EnumeratedAttribute for quantifier comparisons.
RedirectorElement Element representation of a Redirector.
Reference Class to hold a reference to another object in the project.
RegularExpression A regular expression datatype.
Resource Describes a "File-like" resource (File, ZipEntry, etc.).
ResourceLocation Helper class to handle the <dtd> and <entity> nested elements.
Substitution A regular expression substitution datatype.
TarFileSet A TarFileSet is a FileSet with extra attributes useful in the context of Tar/Jar tasks.
TarScanner Scans tar archives for resources.
TimeComparison EnumeratedAttribute for time comparisons.
XMLCatalog This data type provides a catalog of resource locations (such as DTDs and XML entities), based on the OASIS "Open Catalog" standard.
ZipFileSet A ZipFileSet is a FileSet with extra attributes useful in the context of Zip/Jar tasks.
ZipScanner Scans zip archives for resources.