Interface Summary
DOMUtil.NodeFilter Filter interface to be applied when iterating over a DOM tree.
IgnoredTestListener Provides the functionality for TestListeners to be able to be notified of the necessary JUnit4 events for test being ignored (@Ignore annotation) or skipped (Assume failures).
JUnitResultFormatter This Interface describes classes that format the results of a JUnit testrun.
JUnitTaskMirror Handles the portions of JUnitTask which need to directly access actual JUnit classes, so that junit.jar need not be on Ant's startup classpath.
JUnitTaskMirror.JUnitResultFormatterMirror The interface that JUnitResultFormatter extends.
JUnitTaskMirror.JUnitTestRunnerMirror Interface that test runners implement.
JUnitTaskMirror.SummaryJUnitResultFormatterMirror The interface that SummaryJUnitResultFormatter extends.
XMLConstants Interface groups XML constants.

Class Summary
AggregateTransformer Transform a JUnit xml report.
AggregateTransformer.Format defines acceptable formats.
BaseTest Baseclass for BatchTest and JUnitTest.
BatchTest Create then run JUnitTest's based on the list of files given by the fileset attribute.
BriefJUnitResultFormatter Prints plain text output of the test to a specified Writer.
Constants Constants, like filenames shared between various classes in this package.
CustomJUnit4TestAdapterCache Provides a custom implementation of the notifier for a JUnit4TestAdapter so that skipped and ignored tests can be reported to the existing TestListeners.
DOMUtil Some utilities that might be useful when manipulating DOM trees.
DOMUtil.NodeListImpl custom implementation of a nodelist
Enumerations A couple of methods related to enumerations that might be useful.
FailureRecorder Collects all failing test cases and creates a new JUnit test class containing a suite() method which calls these failed tests.
FailureRecorder.TestInfos TestInfos holds information about a given test for later use.
FormatterElement A wrapper for the implementations of JUnitResultFormatter.
FormatterElement.TypeAttribute Enumerated attribute with the values "plain", "xml", "brief" and "failure".
IgnoredTestResult Records ignored and skipped tests reported as part of the execution of JUnit 4 tests.
JUnit4TestMethodAdapter Adapter between JUnit 3.8.x API and JUnit 4.x API for execution of tests and listening of events (test start, test finish, test failure, test skipped).
JUnitTask Runs JUnit tests.
JUnitTask.ForkMode These are the different forking options
JUnitTask.JUnitLogOutputStream A stream handler for handling the junit task.
JUnitTask.JUnitLogStreamHandler A log stream handler for junit.
JUnitTask.SummaryAttribute Print summary enumeration values.
JUnitTask.TestResultHolder A value class that contains the result of a test.
JUnitTaskMirrorImpl Implementation of the part of the junit task which can directly refer to junit.* classes.
JUnitTest Run a single JUnit test.
JUnitTestRunner Simple Testrunner for JUnit that runs all tests of a testsuite.
JUnitVersionHelper Work around for some changes to the public JUnit API between different JUnit releases.
OutErrSummaryJUnitResultFormatter Used instead of SummaryJUnitResultFormatter in forked tests if withOutAndErr is requested.
PlainJUnitResultFormatter Prints plain text output of the test to a specified Writer.
SummaryJUnitResultFormatter Prints short summary output of the test to Ant's logging system.
TearDownOnVmCrash Formatter that doesn't create any output but tries to invoke the tearDown method on a testcase if that test was forked and caused a timeout or VM crash.
XMLJUnitResultFormatter Prints XML output of the test to a specified Writer.
XMLResultAggregator Aggregates all <junit> XML formatter testsuite data under a specific directory and transforms the results via XSLT.