Class LibFileSet

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All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, java.lang.Iterable<Resource>, ResourceCollection, SelectorContainer

public class LibFileSet
extends FileSet

LibFileSet represents a fileset containing libraries. Asociated with the libraries is data pertaining to how they are to be handled when building manifests.

Field Summary
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description, location, project
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void setIncludeImpl(boolean includeImpl)
          Flag indicating whether should include the "Implementation-*" attributes in manifest.
 void setIncludeUrl(boolean includeURL)
          Flag indicating whether should include the "Implementation-URL" attribute in manifest.
 void setUrlBase(java.lang.String urlBase)
          Set the url base for fileset.
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Constructor Detail


public LibFileSet()
Method Detail


public void setIncludeUrl(boolean includeURL)
Flag indicating whether should include the "Implementation-URL" attribute in manifest. Defaults to false.

includeURL - the flag


public void setIncludeImpl(boolean includeImpl)
Flag indicating whether should include the "Implementation-*" attributes in manifest. Defaults to false.

includeImpl - the flag


public void setUrlBase(java.lang.String urlBase)
Set the url base for fileset.

urlBase - the base url