Class Nice

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public class Nice
extends Task

A task to provide "nice-ness" to the current thread, and/or to query the current value. Examples:

 <nice currentPriority="current.value" >

Set currentPriority to the current priority

 <nice newPriority="10" >

Raise the priority of the build process (But not forked programs)

 <nice currentPriority="old" newPriority="3" >

Lower the priority of the build process (But not forked programs), and save the old value to the property old.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void execute()
          Execute the task
 void setCurrentPriority(java.lang.String currentPriority)
          The name of a property to set to the value of the current thread priority.
 void setNewPriority(int newPriority)
          the new priority, in the range 1-10.
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Constructor Detail


public Nice()
Method Detail


public void execute()
             throws BuildException
Execute the task

execute in class Task
BuildException - if something goes wrong with the build


public void setCurrentPriority(java.lang.String currentPriority)
The name of a property to set to the value of the current thread priority. Optional

currentPriority - the property name.


public void setNewPriority(int newPriority)
the new priority, in the range 1-10.

newPriority - the new priority value.