Class BuildNumber

  extended by
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public class BuildNumber
extends Task

Read, increment, and write a build number in a file It will first attempt to read a build number from a file, then set the property "build.number" to the value that was read in (or 0 if no such value). Then it will increment the build number by one and write it back out into the file.

Ant 1.5

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void execute()
          Run task.
 void setFile( file)
          The file in which the build number is stored.
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Constructor Detail


public BuildNumber()
Method Detail


public void setFile( file)
The file in which the build number is stored. Defaults to "build.number" if not specified.

file - the file in which build number is stored.


public void execute()
             throws BuildException
Run task.

execute in class Task
BuildException - if an error occurs