Class GenericsType

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    public class GenericsType
    extends ASTNode
    This class is used to describe generic type signatures for ClassNodes.
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        public static final GenericsType[] EMPTY_ARRAY
    • Method Detail

      • setType

        public void setType​(ClassNode type)
      • getName

        public String getName()
      • setName

        public void setName​(String name)
      • isResolved

        public boolean isResolved()
      • setResolved

        public void setResolved​(boolean resolved)
      • isPlaceholder

        public boolean isPlaceholder()
      • setPlaceholder

        public void setPlaceholder​(boolean placeholder)
      • isWildcard

        public boolean isWildcard()
      • setWildcard

        public void setWildcard​(boolean wildcard)
      • getLowerBound

        public ClassNode getLowerBound()
      • getUpperBounds

        public ClassNode[] getUpperBounds()
      • isCompatibleWith

        public boolean isCompatibleWith​(ClassNode classNode)
        Compares this generics type with the provided class node. If the provided class node is compatible with the generics specification, returns true. Otherwise, returns false. The check is complete, meaning that nested generics are also checked.
        if classNode is or is not compatible with this generics specification