Class PickAnyArgumentHint

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FirstParam, FirstParam.FirstGenericType, FirstParam.SecondGenericType, FirstParam.ThirdGenericType, SecondParam, SecondParam.FirstGenericType, SecondParam.SecondGenericType, SecondParam.ThirdGenericType, ThirdParam, ThirdParam.FirstGenericType, ThirdParam.SecondGenericType, ThirdParam.ThirdGenericType

public class PickAnyArgumentHint extends SingleSignatureClosureHint

Base class for hints which use the type of a parameter of the annotated method as the signature. This can optionally use a generic type of the selected parameter as the hint. For example, imagine the following method:

void foo(A firstArg, B secondArg, Closure c) {...}

If the c closure should be { B it -> ...}, then we can see that the parameter type should be picked from the second parameter of the foo method, which is what PickAnyArgumentHint lets you do.

Alternatively, the method may look like this:

void <T> foo(A<T> firstArg, B secondArg, Closure c) {...}

in which case if you want to express the fact that c should accept a <T> then you can use the genericTypeIndex value.

This class is extended by several hint providers that make it easier to use as annotation values.

  • Constructor Details

    • PickAnyArgumentHint

      public PickAnyArgumentHint()
      Creates an argument picker which extracts the type of the first parameter.
    • PickAnyArgumentHint

      public PickAnyArgumentHint(int parameterIndex, int genericTypeIndex)
      Creates a picker which will extract the parameterIndex-th parameter type, or its genericTypeIndex-th generic type genericTypeIndex is >=0.
      parameterIndex - the index of the parameter from which to extract the type
      genericTypeIndex - if >=0, then returns the corresponding generic type instead of the parameter type.
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