Class GeneratedMetaMethod.Proxy

    • Constructor Detail

      • Proxy

        public Proxy​(java.lang.String className,
                     java.lang.String name,
                     CachedClass declaringClass,
                     java.lang.Class returnType,
                     java.lang.Class[] parameters)
    • Method Detail

      • doMethodInvoke

        public java.lang.Object doMethodInvoke​(java.lang.Object object,
                                               java.lang.Object[] argumentArray)
        Description copied from class: MetaMethod
        Invokes the method this object represents. This method is not final but it should be overloaded very carefully and only by generated methods there is no guarantee that it will be called
        doMethodInvoke in class MetaMethod
        object - The object the method is to be called at.
        argumentArray - Arguments for the method invocation.
        The return value of the invoked method.
      • invoke

        public java.lang.Object invoke​(java.lang.Object object,
                                       java.lang.Object[] arguments)
        Description copied from class: MetaMethod
        Invoke this method
        Specified by:
        invoke in class MetaMethod
        object - The object this method should be invoked on
        arguments - The arguments for the method if applicable
        The return value of the invocation