Class Selector

  • public abstract class Selector
    extends Object
    • Field Detail

      • originalArguments

        public Object[] originalArguments
      • useMetaClass

        public boolean useMetaClass
      • cache

        public boolean cache
      • sender

        public Class sender
      • isVargs

        public boolean isVargs
      • safeNavigation

        public boolean safeNavigation
      • safeNavigationOrig

        public boolean safeNavigationOrig
      • spread

        public boolean spread
      • skipSpreadCollector

        public boolean skipSpreadCollector
      • thisCall

        public boolean thisCall
      • selectionBase

        public Class selectionBase
      • catchException

        public boolean catchException
    • Constructor Detail

      • Selector

        public Selector()
    • Method Detail

      • getSelector

        public static Selector getSelector​(MutableCallSite callSite,
                                           Class sender,
                                           String methodName,
                                           int callID,
                                           boolean safeNavigation,
                                           boolean thisCall,
                                           boolean spreadCall,
                                           Object[] arguments)
        Returns the Selector
      • getCorrectedReceiver

        public Object getCorrectedReceiver()
        Returns NullObject.getNullObject() if the receiver (args[0]) is null. If it is not null, the recevier itself is returned.