Class ManagedConcurrentValueMap<K,​V>

  • Type Parameters:
    K - the key type
    V - the value type

    public class ManagedConcurrentValueMap<K,​V>
    extends Object
    This is a basic implementation of a map able to forget its values. This map uses internally a ConcurrentHashMap, thus should be safe for concurrency. hashcode and equals are used to find the entries and should thus be implemented properly for the keys. This map does not support null keys.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ManagedConcurrentValueMap

        public ManagedConcurrentValueMap​(ReferenceBundle bundle)
    • Method Detail

      • setBundle

        public void setBundle​(ReferenceBundle bundle)
        Sets a new bundle used for reference creation. Be warned that older entries will not be changed by this
        bundle - - the ReferenceBundle
      • get

        public V get​(K key)
        Returns the value stored for the given key at the point of call.
        key - a non null key
        the value stored in the map for the given key
      • put

        public void put​(K key,
                        V value)
        Sets a new value for a given key. an older value is overwritten.
        key - a non null key
        value - the new value