Class MetaClassHelper

  • public class MetaClassHelper
    extends Object
    • Field Detail


        public static final Object[] EMPTY_ARRAY

        public static final Class[] EMPTY_TYPE_ARRAY

        public static final Object[] ARRAY_WITH_NULL
      • LOG

        protected static final Logger LOG

        public static final Class[] EMPTY_CLASS_ARRAY
    • Constructor Detail

      • MetaClassHelper

        public MetaClassHelper()
    • Method Detail

      • accessibleToConstructor

        public static boolean accessibleToConstructor​(Class at,
                                                      Constructor constructor)
      • asWrapperArray

        public static Object[] asWrapperArray​(Object parameters,
                                              Class componentType)
      • asPrimitiveArray

        public static Object asPrimitiveArray​(List list,
                                              Class parameterType)
        list - the original list
        parameterType - the resulting array type
        the constructed array
      • calculateParameterDistance

        public static long calculateParameterDistance​(Class[] arguments,
                                                      ParameterTypes pt)
      • capitalize

        public static String capitalize​(String property)
        This is the complement to the java.beans.Introspector.decapitalize(String) method. We handle names that begin with an initial lowerCase followed by upperCase specially (which is to make no change). See GROOVY-3211.
        property - the property name to capitalize
        the name capitalized, except when we don't
      • chooseEmptyMethodParams

        public static Object chooseEmptyMethodParams​(FastArray methods)
        methods - the methods to choose from
        the method with 1 parameter which takes the most general type of object (e.g. Object)
      • chooseMostGeneralMethodWith1NullParam

        public static Object chooseMostGeneralMethodWith1NullParam​(FastArray methods)
        Warning: this method does not choose properly if multiple methods with the same distance are encountered
        methods - the methods to choose from
        the method with 1 parameter which takes the most general type of object (e.g. Object) ignoring primitive types
      • containsMatchingMethod

        public static boolean containsMatchingMethod​(List list,
                                                     MetaMethod method)
        list - a list of MetaMethods
        method - the MetaMethod of interest
        true if a method of the same matching prototype was found in the list
      • convertToTypeArray

        public static Class[] convertToTypeArray​(Object[] args)
        param instance array to the type array
        args - the arguments
        the types of the arguments
      • makeCommonArray

        public static Object makeCommonArray​(Object[] arguments,
                                             int offset,
                                             Class fallback)
      • makeArray

        public static Object makeArray​(Object obj,
                                       Class secondary,
                                       int length)
      • getClassName

        protected static String getClassName​(Object object)
      • getMethodPointer

        public static Closure getMethodPointer​(Object object,
                                               String methodName)
        Returns a callable object for the given method name on the object. The object acts like a Closure in that it can be called, like a closure and passed around - though really its a method pointer, not a closure per se.
        object - the object containing the method
        methodName - the method of interest
        the resulting closure-like method pointer
      • isAssignableFrom

        public static boolean isAssignableFrom​(Class classToTransformTo,
                                               Class classToTransformFrom)
      • isGenericSetMethod

        public static boolean isGenericSetMethod​(MetaMethod method)
      • isSuperclass

        protected static boolean isSuperclass​(Class clazz,
                                              Class superclass)
      • parametersAreCompatible

        public static boolean parametersAreCompatible​(Class[] arguments,
                                                      Class[] parameters)
      • logMethodCall

        public static void logMethodCall​(Object object,
                                         String methodName,
                                         Object[] arguments)
      • normalizedValue

        protected static String normalizedValue​(Object argument)
      • shortName

        protected static String shortName​(Object object)
      • wrap

        public static Class[] wrap​(Class[] classes)
      • sameClasses

        public static boolean sameClasses​(Class[] params,
                                          Object[] arguments,
                                          boolean weakNullCheck)
      • sameClasses

        public static boolean sameClasses​(Class[] params,
                                          Object[] arguments)
      • sameClasses

        public static boolean sameClasses​(Class[] params)
      • sameClasses

        public static boolean sameClasses​(Class[] params,
                                          Object arg1)
      • sameClasses

        public static boolean sameClasses​(Class[] params,
                                          Object arg1,
                                          Object arg2)
      • sameClass

        public static boolean sameClass​(Class[] params,
                                        Object arg)
      • castArgumentsToClassArray

        public static Class[] castArgumentsToClassArray​(Object[] argTypes)
      • unwrap

        public static void unwrap​(Object[] arguments)
      • doSetMetaClass

        public static void doSetMetaClass​(Object self,
                                          MetaClass mc)
        Sets the meta class for an object, by delegating to the appropriate DefaultGroovyMethods helper method. This method was introduced as a breaking change in 2.0 to solve rare cases of stack overflow. See GROOVY-5285. The method is named doSetMetaClass in order to prevent misusages. Do not use this method directly unless you know what you do.
        self - the object for which to set the meta class
        mc - the metaclass
      • convertPropertyName

        public static String convertPropertyName​(String prop)
        Converts a String into a standard property name.
        prop - the original name
        the converted name