Class ClassInfo

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    public class ClassInfo
    extends Object
    implements Finalizable
    Handle for all information we want to keep about the class

    This class handles caching internally and its advisable to not store references directly to objects of this class. The static factory method getClassInfo(Class) should be used to retrieve an instance from the cache. Internally the Class associated with a ClassInfo instance is kept as WeakReference, so it not safe to reference and instance without the Class being either strongly or softly reachable.

    • Method Detail

      • getVersion

        public int getVersion()
      • incVersion

        public void incVersion()
      • clearModifiedExpandos

        public static void clearModifiedExpandos()
      • getTheClass

        public final Class<?> getTheClass()
        Returns the Class associated with this ClassInfo.

        This method can return null if the Class is no longer reachable through any strong or soft references. A non-null return value indicates that this ClassInfo is valid.

        the Class associated with this ClassInfo, else null
      • remove

        public static void remove​(Class<?> cls)
        Removes a ClassInfo from the cache. This is useful in cases where the Class is parsed from a script, such as when using GroovyClassLoader#parseClass, and is executed for its result but the Class is not retained or cached. Removing the ClassInfo associated with the Class will make the Class and its ClassLoader eligible for garbage collection sooner that it would otherwise.
        cls - the Class associated with the ClassInfo to remove from cache
      • getStrongMetaClass

        public MetaClass getStrongMetaClass()
      • setStrongMetaClass

        public void setStrongMetaClass​(MetaClass answer)
      • getWeakMetaClass

        public MetaClass getWeakMetaClass()
      • setWeakMetaClass

        public void setWeakMetaClass​(MetaClass answer)
      • getMetaClassForClass

        public MetaClass getMetaClassForClass()
      • getMetaClass

        public final MetaClass getMetaClass()
        Returns the MetaClass for the Class associated with this ClassInfo. If no MetaClass exists one will be created.

        It is not safe to call this method without a Class associated with this ClassInfo. It is advisable to aways retrieve a ClassInfo instance from the cache by using the static factory method getClassInfo(Class) to ensure the referenced Class is strongly reachable.

        a MetaClass instance
      • size

        public static int size()
      • fullSize

        public static int fullSize()
      • lock

        public void lock()
      • unlock

        public void unlock()
      • getPerInstanceMetaClass

        public MetaClass getPerInstanceMetaClass​(Object obj)
      • setPerInstanceMetaClass

        public void setPerInstanceMetaClass​(Object obj,
                                            MetaClass metaClass)
      • hasPerInstanceMetaClasses

        public boolean hasPerInstanceMetaClasses()