Class JavaRecognizer

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    public class JavaRecognizer
    extends LLkParser
    implements JavaTokenTypes
    Java 1.5 Recognizer Run 'java Main [-showtree] directory-full-of-java-files' [The -showtree option pops up a Swing frame that shows the AST constructed from the parser.] Run 'java Main ' Contributing authors: Jeremy Rayner John Mitchell Terence Parr John Lilley Scott Stanchfield Markus Mohnen Peter Williams Allan Jacobs Steve Messick John Pybus Version 1.00 December 9, 1997 -- initial release Version 1.01 December 10, 1997 fixed bug in octal def (0..7 not 0..8) Version 1.10 August 1998 (parrt) added tree construction fixed definition of WS,comments for mac,pc,unix newlines added unary plus Version 1.11 (Nov 20, 1998) Added "shutup" option to turn off last ambig warning. Fixed inner class def to allow named class defs as statements synchronized requires compound not simple statement add [] after builtInType DOT class in primaryExpression "const" is reserved but not valid..removed from modifiers Version 1.12 (Feb 2, 1999) Changed LITERAL_xxx to xxx in tree grammar. Updated java.g to use tokens {...} now for 2.6.0 (new feature). Version 1.13 (Apr 23, 1999) Didn't have (stat)? for else clause in tree parser. Didn't gen ASTs for interface extends. Updated tree parser too. Updated to 2.6.0. Version 1.14 (Jun 20, 1999) Allowed final/abstract on local classes. Removed local interfaces from methods Put instanceof precedence where it relationalExpr It also had expr not type as arg; fixed it. Missing ! on SEMI in classBlock fixed: (expr) + "string" was parsed incorrectly (+ as unary plus). fixed: didn't like Object[].class in parser or tree parser Version 1.15 (Jun 26, 1999) Screwed up rule with instanceof in it. :( Fixed. Tree parser didn't like (expr).something; fixed. Allowed multiple inheritance in tree grammar. oops. Version 1.16 (August 22, 1999) Extending an interface built a wacky tree: had extra EXTENDS. Tree grammar didn't allow multiple superinterfaces. Tree grammar didn't allow empty var initializer: {} Version 1.17 (October 12, 1999) ESC lexer rule allowed 399 max not 377 max. java.tree.g didn't handle the expression of synchronized statements. Version 1.18 (August 12, 2001) Terence updated to Java 2 Version 1.3 by observing/combining work of Allan Jacobs and Steve Messick. Handles 1.3 src. Summary: o primary didn't include boolean.class kind of thing o constructor calls parsed explicitly now: see explicitConstructorInvocation o add strictfp modifier o missing objBlock after new expression in tree grammar o merged local class definition alternatives, moved after declaration o fixed problem with ClassName.super.field o reordered some alternatives to make things more efficient o long and double constants were not differentiated from int/float o whitespace rule was inefficient: matched only one char o add an examples directory with some nasty 1.3 cases o made use buffered IO and a Reader for Unicode support o supports UNICODE? Using Unicode charVocabulay makes code file big, but only in the bitsets at the end. I need to make ANTLR generate unicode bitsets more efficiently. Version 1.19 (April 25, 2002) Terence added in nice fixes by John Pybus concerning floating constants and problems with super() calls. John did a nice reorg of the primary/postfix expression stuff to read better and makes f.g.super() parse properly (it was METHOD_CALL not a SUPER_CTOR_CALL). Also: o "finally" clause was a root...made it a child of "try" o Added stuff for asserts too for Java 1.4, but *commented out* as it is not backward compatible. Version 1.20 (October 27, 2002) Terence ended up reorging John Pybus' stuff to remove some nondeterminisms and some syntactic predicates. Note that the grammar is stricter now; e.g., this(...) must be the first statement. Ternary ?: operator wasn't working as array name: (isBig ? bigDigits : digits)[i]; Checked parser/tree parser on source for Resin-2.0.5, jive-2.1.1, jdk 1.3.1, Lucene, antlr 2.7.2a4, and the 110k-line jGuru server source. Version 1.21 (October 17, 2003) Fixed lots of problems including: Ray Waldin: add typeDefinition to interfaceBlock in java.tree.g He found a problem/fix with floating point that start with 0 Ray also fixed problem that (int.class) was not recognized. Thorsten van Ellen noticed that \n are allowed incorrectly in strings. TJP fixed CHAR_LITERAL analogously. Version 1.21.2 (March, 2003) Changes by Matt Quail to support generics (as per JDK1.5/JSR14) Notes: o We only allow the "extends" keyword and not the "implements" keyword, since that's what JSR14 seems to imply. o Thanks to Monty Zukowski for his help on the antlr-interest mail list. o Thanks to Alan Eliasen for testing the grammar over his Fink source base Version 1.22 (July, 2004) Changes by Michael Studman to support Java 1.5 language extensions Notes: o Added support for annotations types o Finished off Matt Quail's generics enhancements to support bound type arguments o Added support for new for statement syntax o Added support for static import syntax o Added support for enum types o Tested against JDK 1.5 source base and source base of jdigraph project o Thanks to Matt Quail for doing the hard part by doing most of the generics work Version 1.22.1 (July 28, 2004) Bug/omission fixes for Java 1.5 language support o Fixed tree structure bug with classOrInterface - thanks to Pieter Vangorpto for spotting this o Fixed bug where incorrect handling of SR and BSR tokens would cause type parameters to be recognised as type arguments. o Enabled type parameters on constructors, annotations on enum constants and package definitions o Fixed problems when parsing if ((char.class.equals(c))) {} - solution by Matt Quail at Cenqua Version 1.22.2 (July 28, 2004) Slight refactoring of Java 1.5 language support o Refactored for/"foreach" productions so that original literal "for" literal is still used but the for sub-clauses vary by token type o Fixed bug where type parameter was not included in generic constructor's branch of AST Version 1.22.3 (August 26, 2004) Bug fixes as identified by Michael Stahl; clean up of tabs/spaces and other refactorings o Fixed typeParameters omission in identPrimary and newStatement o Replaced GT reconciliation code with simple semantic predicate o Adapted enum/assert keyword checking support from Michael Stahl's java15 grammar o Refactored typeDefinition production and field productions to reduce duplication Version 1.22.4 (October 21, 2004) Small bux fixes o Added typeArguments to explicitConstructorInvocation, e.g. new MyParameterised() o Added typeArguments to postfixExpression productions for anonymous inner class super constructor invocation, e.g. new Outer().super() o Fixed bug in array declarations identified by Geoff Roy Version 1.22.4.j.1 Changes by Jeremy Rayner to support java2groovy tool o I have taken java.g for Java1.5 from Michael Studman (1.22.4) and have made some changes to enable use by java2groovy tool (Jan 2007) Based on an original grammar released in the PUBLIC DOMAIN