Interface Summary
Regexp Interface which represents a regular expression, and the operations that can be performed on it.
RegexpMatcher Interface describing a regular expression matcher.

Class Summary
JakartaOroMatcher Implementation of RegexpMatcher for Jakarta-ORO.
JakartaOroRegexp Regular expression implementation using the Jakarta Oro package
JakartaRegexpMatcher Implementation of RegexpMatcher for Jakarta-Regexp.
JakartaRegexpRegexp Regular expression implementation using the Jakarta Regexp package
Jdk14RegexpMatcher Implementation of RegexpMatcher for the built-in regexp matcher of JDK 1.4.
Jdk14RegexpRegexp Regular expression implementation using the JDK 1.4 regular expression package
RegexpFactory Regular expression factory, which will create Regexp objects.
RegexpMatcherFactory Simple Factory Class that produces an implementation of RegexpMatcher based on the system property ant.regexp.regexpimpl and the classes available.
RegexpUtil Regular expression utilities class which handles flag operations.