Interface Summary
FileNameMapper Interface to be used by SourceFileScanner.
Retryable Simple interface for executing a piece of code.
TimeoutObserver Interface for classes that want to be notified by Watchdog.
Tokenizer input stream tokenizers implement this interface

Class Summary
Base64Converter BASE 64 encoding of a String or an array of bytes.
ChainedMapper A ContainerMapper that chains the results of the first nested FileNameMappers into sourcefiles for the second, the second to the third, and so on, returning the resulting mapped filenames from the last nested FileNameMapper.
ClasspathUtils Offers some helper methods on the Path structure in ant.
ClasspathUtils.Delegate Delegate that helps out any specific ProjectComponent that needs dynamic classloading.
CollectionUtils A set of helper methods related to collection manipulation.
CollectionUtils.EmptyEnumeration<E> An empty enumeration.
CompositeMapper A ContainerMapper that unites the results of its constituent FileNameMappers into a single set of result filenames.
ConcatFileInputStream Special InputStream that will concatenate the contents of an array of files.
ConcatResourceInputStream Special InputStream that will concatenate the contents of Resources from a single ResourceCollection.
ContainerMapper A FileNameMapper that contains other FileNameMappers.
DateUtils Helper methods to deal with date/time formatting with a specific defined format (ISO8601) or a plurialization correct elapsed time in minutes and seconds.
DeweyDecimal Utility class to contain version numbers in "Dewey Decimal" syntax.
DOMElementWriter Writes a DOM tree to a given Writer.
DOMElementWriter.XmlNamespacePolicy Whether namespaces should be ignored for elements and attributes.
DOMUtils Some utility methods for common tasks when building DOM trees in memory.
FileTokenizer Class to read the complete input into a string.
FileUtils This class also encapsulates methods which allow Files to be referred to using abstract path names which are translated to native system file paths at runtime as well as copying files or setting their last modification time.
FirstMatchMapper A ContainerMapper that returns the results of its first constituent FileNameMappers that matches.
FlatFileNameMapper Implementation of FileNameMapper that always returns the source file name without any leading directory information.
GlobPatternMapper Implementation of FileNameMapper that does simple wildcard pattern replacements.
IdentityMapper Implementation of FileNameMapper that always returns the source file name.
IdentityStack<E> Identity Stack.
JavaEnvUtils A set of helper methods related to locating executables or checking conditions of a given Java installation.
JAXPUtils Collection of helper methods that retrieve a ParserFactory or Parsers and Readers.
KeepAliveInputStream Class that can be used to wrap without getting anxious about any client closing the stream.
KeepAliveOutputStream Class that can be used to wrap System.out and System.err without getting anxious about any client closing the stream.
LayoutPreservingProperties A Properties collection which preserves comments and whitespace present in the input stream from which it was loaded.
LazyFileOutputStream Class that delays opening the output file until the first bytes shall be written or the method open has been invoked explicitly.
LazyHashtable Hashtable implementation that allows delayed construction of expensive objects All operations that need access to the full list of objects will call initAll() first.
LeadPipeInputStream Special PipedInputStream that will not die when the writing Thread is no longer alive.
LineOrientedOutputStream Invokes processLine whenever a full line has been written to this stream.
LineOrientedOutputStreamRedirector Output stream which buffer and redirect a stream line by line.
LineTokenizer class to tokenize the input as lines separated by \r (mac style), \r\n (dos/windows style) or \n (unix style)
LinkedHashtable<K,V> Subclass of Hashtable that wraps a LinkedHashMap to provide predictable iteration order.
LoaderUtils ClassLoader utility methods
MergingMapper Implementation of FileNameMapper that always returns the same target file name.
OutputStreamFunneler Manages a set of OutputStreams to write to a single underlying stream, which is closed only when the last "funnel" has been closed.
PackageNameMapper Maps directory name matches into a dotted package name.
ProcessUtil Process Utilities
PropertyOutputStream Exception thrown when an attempt is made to get an OutputStream from an immutable Resource.
ProxySetup Code to do proxy setup.
ReaderInputStream Adapts a Reader as an InputStream.
ReflectUtil Utility class to handle reflection on java objects.
ReflectWrapper Utility class to handle reflection on java objects.
RegexpPatternMapper Implementation of FileNameMapper that does regular expression replacements.
ResourceUtils This class provides utility methods to process Resources.
RetryHandler A simple utility class to take a piece of code (that implements Retryable interface) and executes that with possibility to retry the execution in case of IOException.
ScriptFixBSFPath A class to modify a classloader to support BSF language support.
ScriptRunner Deprecated. Implementation moved to another location.
ScriptRunnerBase This is a common abstract base case for script runners.
ScriptRunnerCreator This is a helper class used by ScriptRunnerHelper to create a ScriptRunner based on a classloader and on a language.
ScriptRunnerHelper A class to help in creating, setting and getting script runners.
SourceFileScanner Utility class that collects the functionality of the various scanDir methods that have been scattered in several tasks before.
SplitClassLoader Specialized classloader for tasks that need finer grained control over which classes are to be loaded via Ant's classloader and which should not even if they are available.
StringTokenizer Class to tokenize the input as areas separated by white space, or by a specified list of delim characters.
StringUtils A set of helper methods related to string manipulation.
SymbolicLinkUtils Contains methods related to symbolic links - or what Ant thinks is a symbolic link based on the absent support for them in Java.
TaskLogger A facade that makes logging nicer to use.
TeeOutputStream A simple T-piece to replicate an output stream into two separate streams
UnicodeUtil Contains one helper method to create a backslash u escape
UnPackageNameMapper Maps dotted package name matches to a directory name.
UUEncoder UUEncoding of an input stream placed into an outputstream.
VectorSet<E> Subclass of Vector that won't store duplicate entries and shows HashSet's constant time performance characteristics for the contains method.
Watchdog Generalization of ExecuteWatchdog
WeakishReference Deprecated. deprecated 1.7; will be removed in Ant1.8 Just use WeakReference directly.
WeakishReference.HardReference Deprecated. since 1.7.
WorkerAnt A worker ant executes a single task in a background thread.
XmlConstants XML Parser constants, all kept in one place for ease of reuse
XMLFragment Use this class as a nested element if you want to get a literal DOM fragment of something nested into your task/type.

Exception Summary