Class WeakishReference12

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by

Deprecated. since 1.7. Just use WeakReference directly. Note that in ant1.7 is parent was changed to extend HardReference. This is because the latter has access to the (package scoped) WeakishReference(Object) constructor, and both that and this are thin facades on the underlying no-longer-abstract base class.

public class WeakishReference12
extends WeakishReference.HardReference

This is a reference that really is is Weak, as it uses the appropriate java.lang.ref class.

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Constructor Summary
WeakishReference12(java.lang.Object reference)
          Deprecated. create a new soft reference, which is bound to a Weak reference inside
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Constructor Detail


public WeakishReference12(java.lang.Object reference)
create a new soft reference, which is bound to a Weak reference inside

reference - the object to reference.
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