Interface Summary
Appendable Interface to be implemented by "appendable" resources.
FileProvider This is an interface that resources that can provide a file should implement.
Touchable Interface to be implemented by "touchable" resources; that is, those whose modification time can be altered.
URLProvider This is an interface that resources that can provide an URL should implement.

Class Summary
AbstractClasspathResource A Resource representation of anything that is accessed via a Java classloader.
AbstractResourceCollectionWrapper Base class for a ResourceCollection that wraps a single nested ResourceCollection.
ArchiveResource A Resource representation of an entry inside an archive.
Archives A resource collection that treats all nested resources as archives and returns the contents of the archives as its content.
BaseResourceCollectionContainer Base class for ResourceCollections that nest multiple ResourceCollections.
BaseResourceCollectionWrapper Base class for a ResourceCollection that wraps a single nested ResourceCollection.
BCFileSet Utility FileSet that includes directories for backwards-compatibility with certain tasks e.g.
BZip2Resource A Bzip2 compressed resource.
CompressedResource A compressed resource.
ContentTransformingResource A resource that transforms the content of another resource.
Difference ResourceCollection representing the difference between two or more nested ResourceCollections.
FileResource A Resource representation of a File.
FileResourceIterator Iterator of FileResources from filenames.
Files ResourceCollection implementation; like AbstractFileSet with absolute paths.
First ResourceCollection that contains the first count elements of another ResourceCollection, a la the UNIX head command.
GZipResource A GZip compressed resource.
Intersect ResourceCollection representing the intersection of multiple nested ResourceCollections.
JavaConstantResource A resource that is a java constant.
JavaResource A Resource representation of something loadable via a Java classloader.
Last ResourceCollection that contains the last count elements of another ResourceCollection, a la the UNIX tail command.
LazyResourceCollectionWrapper Resource collection which load underlying resource collection only on demand with support for caching
LogOutputResource Output-only Resource that always appends to Ant's log.
MappedResource A decorator around a different resource that uses a mapper to dynamically remap the resource's name.
MappedResourceCollection Wrapper around a resource collections that maps the names of the other collection using a configured mapper.
MultiRootFileSet Union of file/dirsets that share the same patterns and selectors but have different roots.
PropertyResource Exposes an Ant property as a Resource.
ResourceDecorator Abstract class that delegates all reading methods of Resource to its wrapped resource and deals with reference handling.
ResourceList Reads a resource as text document and creates a resource for each line.
Resources Generic ResourceCollection: Either stores nested ResourceCollections, making no attempt to remove duplicates, or references another ResourceCollection.
Restrict ResourceCollection that allows a number of selectors to be applied to a single ResourceCollection for the purposes of restricting or narrowing results.
SizeLimitCollection ResourceCollection that imposes a size limit on another ResourceCollection.
Sort ResourceCollection that sorts another ResourceCollection.
StringResource Exposes a string as a Resource.
TarResource A Resource representation of an entry in a tar archive.
Tokens ResourceCollection consisting of StringResources gathered from tokenizing another ResourceCollection with a Tokenizer implementation.
Union ResourceCollection representing the union of multiple nested ResourceCollections.
URLResource Exposes a URL as a Resource.
ZipResource A Resource representation of an entry in a zipfile.

Enum Summary
MultiRootFileSet.SetType What to return from the set: files, directories or both.

Exception Summary
ImmutableResourceException Exception thrown when an attempt is made to get an OutputStream from an immutable Resource.