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public class Description
extends DataType

Description is used to provide a project-wide description element (that is, a description that applies to a buildfile as a whole). If present, the <description> element is printed out before the target descriptions. Description has no attributes, only text. There can only be one project description per project. A second description element will overwrite the first.

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Method Summary
 void addText(java.lang.String text)
          Adds descriptive text to the project.
static java.lang.String getDescription(Project project)
          Return the descriptions from all the targets of a project.
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Constructor Detail


public Description()
Method Detail


public void addText(java.lang.String text)
Adds descriptive text to the project.

text - the descriptive text


public static java.lang.String getDescription(Project project)
Return the descriptions from all the targets of a project.

project - the project to get the descriptions for.
a string containing the concatenated descriptions of the targets.