Class Summary
CCCheckin Performs ClearCase checkin.
CCCheckout Performs ClearCase checkout.
CCLock Performs a ClearCase Lock command.
CCMkattr Task to perform mkattr command to ClearCase.
CCMkbl Task to CreateBaseline command to ClearCase.
CCMkdir Performs ClearCase mkdir.
CCMkelem Performs ClearCase mkelem.
CCMklabel Task to perform mklabel command to ClearCase.
CCMklbtype Task to perform mklbtype command to ClearCase.
CCRmtype Task to perform rmtype command to ClearCase.
CCUnCheckout Performs ClearCase UnCheckout command.
CCUnlock Performs a ClearCase Unlock command.
CCUpdate Performs a ClearCase Update command.
ClearCase A base class for creating tasks for executing commands on ClearCase.