Class PropertyFile

  extended by
      extended by
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public class PropertyFile
extends Task

Modifies settings in a property file.

The following is an example of its usage:

    <target name="setState">
        value="##Generated file - do not modify!"/>
      <propertyfile file="" comment="${header}">
        <entry key="product.version.major" type="int"  value="5"/>
        <entry key="product.version.minor" type="int"  value="0"/>
        <entry key=""   type="int"  value="0" />
        <entry key=""   type="int"  operation="+" />
        <entry key=""    type="date" value="now" />
        <entry key="intSet" type="int" operation="=" value="681"/>
        <entry key="intDec" type="int" operation="-"/>
        <entry key="StringEquals" type="string" value="testValue"/>
The <propertyfile> task must have: Other parameters are: The <entry> task must have: Other parameters are: If type is unspecified, it defaults to string. Parameter values:

String property types can only use the "=" operation. Int property types can only use the "=", "-" or "+" operations.

The message property is used for the property file header, with "\\" being a newline delimiter character.

Nested Class Summary
static class PropertyFile.Entry
          Instance of this class represents nested elements of a task propertyfile.
static class PropertyFile.Unit
          Borrowed from Tstamp
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
target, taskName, taskType, wrapper
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description, location, project
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 PropertyFile.Entry createEntry()
          The entry nested element.
 void execute()
          Execute the task.
 void setComment(java.lang.String hdr)
          optional header comment for the file
 void setFile( file)
          Location of the property file to be edited; required.
 void setJDKProperties(boolean val)
          optional flag to use original Java properties (as opposed to layout preserving properties)
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Constructor Detail


public PropertyFile()
Method Detail


public void execute()
             throws BuildException
Execute the task.

execute in class Task
BuildException - on error.


public PropertyFile.Entry createEntry()
The entry nested element.

an entry nested element to be configured.


public void setFile( file)
Location of the property file to be edited; required.

file - the property file.


public void setComment(java.lang.String hdr)
optional header comment for the file

hdr - the string to use for the comment.


public void setJDKProperties(boolean val)
optional flag to use original Java properties (as opposed to layout preserving properties)