Interface Summary
ChainableReader Interface indicating that a reader may be chained to another one.
TokenFilter.Filter string filters implement this interface

Class Summary
BaseFilterReader Base class for core filter readers.
BaseParamFilterReader Parameterized base class for core filter readers.
ClassConstants Assembles the constants declared in a Java class in key1=value1(line separator)key2=value2 format.
ConcatFilter Concats a file before and/or after the file.
EscapeUnicode This method converts non-latin characters to unicode escapes.
ExpandProperties Expands Ant properties, if any, in the data.
FixCrLfFilter Converts text to local OS formatting conventions, as well as repair text damaged by misconfigured or misguided editors or file transfer programs.
FixCrLfFilter.AddAsisRemove Enumerated attribute with the values "asis", "add" and "remove".
FixCrLfFilter.CrLf Enumerated attribute with the values "asis", "cr", "lf" and "crlf".
HeadFilter Reads the first n lines of a stream.
LineContains Filter which includes only those lines that contain all the user-specified strings.
LineContains.Contains Holds a contains element
LineContainsRegExp Filter which includes only those lines that contain the user-specified regular expression matching strings.
PrefixLines Attaches a prefix to every line.
ReplaceTokens Replaces tokens in the original input with user-supplied values.
ReplaceTokens.Token Holds a token
SortFilter Sort a file before and/or after the file.
StringInputStream Wraps a String as an InputStream.
StripJavaComments This is a Java comment and string stripper reader that filters those lexical tokens out for purposes of simple Java parsing.
StripLineBreaks Filter to flatten the stream to a single line.
StripLineComments This filter strips line comments.
StripLineComments.Comment The class that holds a comment representation.
SuffixLines Attaches a suffix to every line.
TabsToSpaces Converts tabs to spaces.
TailFilter Reads the last n lines of a stream.
TokenFilter This splits up input into tokens and passes the tokens to a sequence of filters.
TokenFilter.ChainableReaderFilter Abstract class that converts derived filter classes into ChainableReaderFilter's
TokenFilter.ContainsRegex filter to filter tokens matching regular expressions.
TokenFilter.ContainsString Simple filter to filter lines contains strings
TokenFilter.DeleteCharacters Filter to delete characters
TokenFilter.FileTokenizer class to read the complete input into a string
TokenFilter.IgnoreBlank Filter remove empty tokens
TokenFilter.ReplaceRegex filter to replace regex.
TokenFilter.ReplaceString Simple replace string filter.
TokenFilter.StringTokenizer class to tokenize the input as areas separated by white space, or by a specified list of delim characters.
TokenFilter.Trim Filter to trim white space
UniqFilter Like the Unix uniq(1) command, only returns tokens that are different from their ancestor token.