Annotation Type PlatformLog

  • @Documented
    public @interface PlatformLog
    This local transform adds a logging ability to your program using java.logging. Every method call on a unbound variable named log will be mapped to a call to the logger. For this a log field will be inserted in the class. If the field already exists the usage of this transform will cause a compilation error. The method name will be used to determine what to call on the logger.
     import groovy.util.logging.*
     import static java.lang.System.Logger.Level.INFO
     class Foo {
         def method() {
             log.log INFO, 'Foobar'
     new Foo().method()
    • Element Detail

      • value

        String value
      • category

        String category
      • visibilityId

        String visibilityId
        If specified, must match the "id" attribute in a VisibilityOptions annotation to enable a custom visibility.