Interface Variable

All Known Implementing Classes:
DynamicVariable, FieldNode, Parameter, PropertyNode, VariableExpression

public interface Variable
interface to mark a AstNode as Variable. Typically these are VariableExpression, FieldNode, PropertyNode and Parameter
  • Method Details

    • getType

      ClassNode getType()
      the type of the variable
    • getOriginType

      ClassNode getOriginType()
      the type before wrapping primitives type of the variable
    • getName

      String getName()
      the name of the variable
    • getInitialExpression

      Expression getInitialExpression()
      expression used to initialize the variable or null of there is no initialization.
    • hasInitialExpression

      boolean hasInitialExpression()
      returns true if there is an initialization expression
    • isInStaticContext

      boolean isInStaticContext()
      returns true if this variable is used in a static context. A static context is any static initializer block, when this variable is declared as static or when this variable is used in a static method
    • isDynamicTyped

      boolean isDynamicTyped()
    • isClosureSharedVariable

      boolean isClosureSharedVariable()
    • setClosureSharedVariable

      void setClosureSharedVariable(boolean inClosure)
    • getModifiers

      int getModifiers()