Class BeanUtils

  • public class BeanUtils
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • decapitalize

        public static String decapitalize​(String property)
        Returns a new String which is the same as the original except the first letter will be lowercase except for some special cases as per JavaBean handling. In particular, if the first two letters are both uppercase, e.g. URL, then no change of case occurs. Originally inspired by the method with the same name in java.lang.Introspector. See also:
        property - a string representing the name of a JavaBean-like property
        the decapitalized string
      • capitalize

        public static String capitalize​(String property)
        This is the complement the behavior of the decapitalize(string) method. We handle names that begin with an initial lowerCase followed by upperCase with special JavaBean behavior (which is to make no change). See GROOVY-3211.
        property - the property name to capitalize
        the name capitalized, except when we don't