Package groovy.lang

Class MetaClassImpl.MetaConstructor

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public static final class MetaClassImpl.MetaConstructor extends MetaMethod
This is a helper class introduced in Groovy 2.1.0, which is used only by indy. This class is for internal use only.
Groovy 2.1.0
  • Method Details

    • getModifiers

      public int getModifiers()
      Description copied from class: MetaMethod
      Returns the modifiers for this method
      Specified by:
      getModifiers in class MetaMethod
      modifiers as an int.
    • getName

      public String getName()
      Description copied from class: MetaMethod
      Returns the name of the method represented by this class
      Specified by:
      getName in class MetaMethod
      name of this method
    • getReturnType

      public Class getReturnType()
      Description copied from class: MetaMethod
      Access the return type for this method
      Specified by:
      getReturnType in class MetaMethod
      the return type of this method
    • getDeclaringClass

      public CachedClass getDeclaringClass()
      Description copied from class: MetaMethod
      Gets the class where this method is declared
      Specified by:
      getDeclaringClass in class MetaMethod
      class of this method
    • invoke

      public Object invoke(Object object, Object[] arguments)
      Description copied from class: MetaMethod
      Invoke this method
      Specified by:
      invoke in class MetaMethod
      object - The object this method should be invoked on
      arguments - The arguments for the method if applicable
      The return value of the invocation
    • getCachedConstrcutor

      public CachedConstructor getCachedConstrcutor()
    • isBeanConstructor

      public boolean isBeanConstructor()