Class TypeHelper


public class TypeHelper extends Object
This class contains helper methods for converting and comparing types. WARNING: This class is for internal use only. do not use it outside of its package and not outside groovy-core.
  • Constructor Details

    • TypeHelper

      public TypeHelper()
  • Method Details

    • getWrapperClass

      protected static Class<?> getWrapperClass(Class<?> c)
      Get wrapper class for a given class. If the class is for a primitive number type, then the wrapper class will be returned. If it is no primitive number type, we return the class itself.
    • argumentClassIsParameterClass

      protected static boolean argumentClassIsParameterClass(Class<?> argumentClass, Class<?> parameterClass)
      Realizes an unsharp equal for the class. In general we return true if the provided arguments are the same. But we will also return true if our argument class is a wrapper for the parameter class. For example the parameter is an int and the argument class is a wrapper.
    • replaceWithMoreSpecificType

      protected static MethodType replaceWithMoreSpecificType(Object[] args, MethodType callSiteType)
      Replaces the types in the callSiteType parameter if more specific types given through the arguments. This is in general the case, unless the argument is null.
    • isIntCategory

      protected static boolean isIntCategory(Class<?> x)
    • isLongCategory

      protected static boolean isLongCategory(Class<?> x)
    • isBigDecCategory

      protected static boolean isBigDecCategory(Class<?> x)
    • isDoubleCategory

      protected static boolean isDoubleCategory(Class<?> x)