Interface LogASTTransformation.LoggingStrategyV2

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Commons.CommonsLoggingStrategy, Log.JavaUtilLoggingStrategy, Log4j.Log4jLoggingStrategy, Log4j2.Log4j2LoggingStrategy, LogASTTransformation.AbstractLoggingStrategyV2, PlatformLog.JavaUtilLoggingStrategy, Slf4j.Slf4jLoggingStrategy
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public static interface LogASTTransformation.LoggingStrategyV2 extends LogASTTransformation.LoggingStrategy
A LoggingStrategy defines how to wire a new logger instance into an existing class. It is meant to be used with the @Log family of annotations to allow you to write your own Log annotation provider.
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    • addLoggerFieldToClass

      FieldNode addLoggerFieldToClass(ClassNode classNode, String fieldName, String categoryName, int fieldModifiers)
      In this method, you are given a ClassNode, a field name and a category name, and you must add a new Field onto the class. Return the result of the ClassNode.addField operations.
      classNode - the class that was originally annotated with the Log transformation.
      fieldName - the name of the logger field
      categoryName - the name of the logging category
      fieldModifiers - the modifiers (private, final, et. al.) of the logger field
      the FieldNode instance that was created and added to the class