Class BooleanReturningMethodInvoker


public class BooleanReturningMethodInvoker extends Object
Helper class for internal use only. This allows to call a given method and convert the result to a boolean. It will do this by caching the method call as well as the "asBoolean" in CallSiteArray fashion. "asBoolean" will not be called if the result is null or a Boolean. In case of null we return false and in case of a Boolean we simply unbox. This logic is designed after the one present in DefaultTypeTransformation.castToBoolean(Object). The purpose of this class is to avoid the slow "asBoolean" call in that method. The nature of this class allows a per instance caching instead of a per class caching like the normal CallSiteArray logic.
  • Constructor Details

    • BooleanReturningMethodInvoker

      public BooleanReturningMethodInvoker()
    • BooleanReturningMethodInvoker

      public BooleanReturningMethodInvoker(String methodName)
  • Method Details

    • invoke

      public boolean invoke(Object receiver, Object... args)
    • convertToBoolean

      public boolean convertToBoolean(Object arg)