Class StackTraceUtils


public class StackTraceUtils extends Object
Originally was grails.utils.GrailsUtils, removed some grails specific stuff. Utility methods removing internal lines from stack traces
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    • addClassTest

      public static void addClassTest(Closure test)
      Adds a groovy.lang.Closure to test whether the stack trace element should be added or not.

      The groovy.lang.Closure will be given the class name as parameter. the return value decides if the element will be added or not.

      • true - trace element will be added to the trace
      • false - trace element will not be added to the trace
      • null - continue with next test
      Groovy truth will be used to determine true and false, null is excluded from defaulting to false here. If all tests have been executed and all of them skipped, then the groovy standard filtering will take place.
      test - the testing groovy.lang.Closure
    • sanitize

      public static Throwable sanitize(Throwable t)
      Remove all apparently groovy-internal trace entries from the exception instance

      This modifies the original instance and returns it, it does not clone

      t - the Throwable whose stack trace we want to sanitize
      The original Throwable but with a sanitized stack trace
    • printSanitizedStackTrace

      public static void printSanitizedStackTrace(Throwable t, PrintWriter p)
    • printSanitizedStackTrace

      public static void printSanitizedStackTrace(Throwable t)
    • isApplicationClass

      public static boolean isApplicationClass(String className)
    • extractRootCause

      public static Throwable extractRootCause(Throwable t)
      Extracts the root cause of the exception, no matter how nested it is
      t - a Throwable
      The deepest cause of the exception that can be found
    • sanitizeRootCause

      public static Throwable sanitizeRootCause(Throwable t)
      Get the root cause of an exception and sanitize it for display to the user

      This will MODIFY the stacktrace of the root cause exception object and return it

      t - a throwable
      The root cause exception instance, with its stace trace modified to filter out groovy runtime classes
    • deepSanitize

      public static Throwable deepSanitize(Throwable t)
      Sanitize the exception and ALL nested causes

      This will MODIFY the stacktrace of the exception instance and all its causes irreversibly

      t - a throwable
      The root cause exception instances, with stack trace modified to filter out groovy runtime classes