Class ReflectionMethodInvoker


public class ReflectionMethodInvoker extends Object
Utility class to call methods through reflection, and falls through using the Invoker to call the method if it fails. The class is particularly useful for Groovy classes implementing GroovyInterceptable, since it is not possible to call any method from this class, because it is intercepted by the invokeMethod() method.
  • Constructor Details

    • ReflectionMethodInvoker

      public ReflectionMethodInvoker()
  • Method Details

    • invoke

      public static Object invoke(Object object, String methodName, Object[] parameters)
      Invoke a method through reflection. Falls through to using the Invoker to call the method in case the reflection call fails..
      object - the object on which to invoke a method
      methodName - the name of the method to invoke
      parameters - the parameters of the method call
      the result of the method call