Class AnnotationUtils


public class AnnotationUtils extends Object

Helper methods for reading/getting AnnotationNode instances.

  • Constructor Details

    • AnnotationUtils

      public AnnotationUtils()
  • Method Details

    • hasAnnotationOfType

      public static boolean hasAnnotationOfType(AnnotatedNode annotatedNode, String typeOrPackageName)
      Checks whether the given ClassNode is annotated with an annotations of the given package or full annotatedNode name.
      annotatedNode - the AnnotatedNode to search for the given annotation
      typeOrPackageName - can either be a part of the package or the complete annotation class name
      true if an annotation was found, false otherwise
    • getAnnotationNodeInHierarchyWithMetaAnnotation

      public static List<AnnotationNode> getAnnotationNodeInHierarchyWithMetaAnnotation(ClassNode type, ClassNode anno)
      Gets the next AnnotationNode instance in the inheritance line which is annotated with the given Annotation class anno.
      type - the ClassNode to check for the annotation
      anno - the annotation to watch out for
      the next AnnotationNode in the inheritance line, or null
    • getAnnotationNodeInHierarchyWithMetaAnnotation

      public static List<AnnotationNode> getAnnotationNodeInHierarchyWithMetaAnnotation(ClassNode type, MethodNode originMethodNode, ClassNode metaAnnotationClassNode)

      Checks whether there exists a MethodNode up the inheritance tree where exists an annotation which is annotated with metaAnnotationClassNode.

      type - the origin ClassNode
      originMethodNode - the origin MethodNode
      metaAnnotationClassNode - the ClassNode of the meta-annotation
      a list of AnnotationNode all annotated with metaAnnotationClassNode
    • hasMetaAnnotations

      public static List<AnnotationNode> hasMetaAnnotations(AnnotatedNode annotatedNode, String metaAnnotationClassName)
      Loads all annotation nodes of the given AnnotatedNode instance which are marked with the annotation metaAnnotationClassName.
      annotatedNode - an AnnotatedNode from which the annotations are checked
      metaAnnotationClassName - the name of the meta annotation
      a list of AnnotationNode instances which implement the given metaAnnotationClass