Class PostconditionGenerator


public class PostconditionGenerator extends BaseGenerator

Code generator for postconditions.

  • Constructor Details

    • PostconditionGenerator

      public PostconditionGenerator(ReaderSource source)
  • Method Details

    • addOldVariablesMethod

      public void addOldVariablesMethod(ClassNode classNode)
      Adds a synthetic method to the given classNode which can be used to create a map of most instance variables found in this class. Used for the old variable mechanism.
      classNode - the ClassNode to add the synthetic method to
    • generatePostconditionAssertionStatement

      public void generatePostconditionAssertionStatement(MethodNode method, Postcondition postcondition)
      Injects a postcondition assertion statement in the given method, based on the booleanExpression.
      method - the MethodNode for assertion injection
      postcondition - the Postcondition the assertion statement should be generated from
    • generateDefaultPostconditionStatement

      public void generateDefaultPostconditionStatement(ClassNode type, MethodNode method)
      Adds a default postcondition if a postcondition has already been defined for this MethodNode in a super-class.
      type - the current ClassNode of the given methodNode
      method - the MethodNode to create the default postcondition for