Package groovy.time

package groovy.time

Classes for easily manipulating Dates and times. While java.util.Date has GDK methods for adding or subtracting days, this is not so useful for different durations of time. TimeCategory creates a simple internal DSL for manipulating dates and times in a clean and precise fashion.


  use ( TimeCategory ) {
        // application on numbers:
        println 10.days.ago

        // application on dates
        def someDate = new Date()
        println someDate - 3.months 
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  • Classes
    Base class for date and time durations.
    DatumDependentDuration represents durations whose length in milliseconds cannot be determined without knowing the datum point.
    Duration represents time periods which have values independent of the context.
    Apply a number of methods to allow convenient Date/Time manipulation,such as:
    TimeDatumDuration represents a time period which results from an arithmetic operation between a TimeDuration object and a DatumDuration object
    TimeDuration represents time periods expressed in units of hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds.