Class StringUtils

  • public class StringUtils
    extends Object
    Utilities for handling strings
    • Constructor Detail

      • StringUtils

        public StringUtils()
    • Method Detail

      • replaceHexEscapes

        public static String replaceHexEscapes​(String text)
      • replaceOctalEscapes

        public static String replaceOctalEscapes​(String text)
      • replaceStandardEscapes

        public static String replaceStandardEscapes​(String text)
      • replaceEscapes

        public static String replaceEscapes​(String text,
                                            int slashyType)
      • countChar

        public static long countChar​(String text,
                                     char c)
      • trimQuotations

        public static String trimQuotations​(String text,
                                            int quotationLength)
      • matches

        public static boolean matches​(String text,
                                      Pattern pattern)
      • replace

        public static String replace​(String text,
                                     String searchString,
                                     String replacement)
        The modified implementation is based on StringUtils#replace(String text, String searchString, String replacement, int max), Apache commons-lang3-3.6

        Replaces all occurrences of a String within another String.

        A null reference passed to this method is a no-op.

         StringUtils.replace(null, *, *)        = null
         StringUtils.replace("", *, *)          = ""
         StringUtils.replace("any", null, *)    = "any"
         StringUtils.replace("any", *, null)    = "any"
         StringUtils.replace("any", "", *)      = "any"
         StringUtils.replace("aba", "a", null)  = "aba"
         StringUtils.replace("aba", "a", "")    = "b"
         StringUtils.replace("aba", "a", "z")   = "zbz"
        text - text to search and replace in, may be null
        searchString - the String to search for, may be null
        replacement - the String to replace it with, may be null
        the text with any replacements processed, null if null String input
      • isEmpty

        public static boolean isEmpty​(CharSequence cs)
        Copied from Apache commons-lang3-3.6

        Checks if a CharSequence is empty ("") or null.

         StringUtils.isEmpty(null)      = true
         StringUtils.isEmpty("")        = true
         StringUtils.isEmpty(" ")       = false
         StringUtils.isEmpty("bob")     = false
         StringUtils.isEmpty("  bob  ") = false

        NOTE: This method changed in Lang version 2.0. It no longer trims the CharSequence. That functionality is available in isBlank().

        cs - the CharSequence to check, may be null
        true if the CharSequence is empty or null