Class IndyMath


public class IndyMath
extends java.lang.Object
This class contains math operations used by indy instead of the normal meta method and call site caching system. The goal is to avoid boxing, thus use primitive types for parameters and return types where possible. WARNING: This class is for internal use only. Do not use it outside of the org.codehaus.groovy.vmplugin.v7 package of groovy-core.
  • Constructor Summary

    Constructor Description
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    static int and​(int a, int b)  
    static long and​(long a, long b)  
    static boolean chooseMathMethod​(Selector info, MetaMethod metaMethod)
    Choose a method to replace the originally chosen metaMethod to have a more efficient call path.
    static double div​(double a, double b)  
    static int leftShift​(int a, int b)  
    static long leftShift​(long a, long b)  
    static double minus​(double a, double b)  
    static int minus​(int a, int b)  
    static long minus​(long a, long b)  
    static int mod​(int a, int b)  
    static long mod​(long a, long b)  
    static double multiply​(double a, double b)  
    static int multiply​(int a, int b)  
    static long multiply​(long a, long b)  
    static double next​(double d)  
    static int next​(int i)  
    static long next​(long l)  
    static int or​(int a, int b)  
    static long or​(long a, long b)  
    static double plus​(double a, double b)  
    static int plus​(int a, int b)  
    static long plus​(long a, long b)  
    static double previous​(double d)  
    static int previous​(int i)  
    static long previous​(long l)  
    static int rightShift​(int a, int b)  
    static long rightShift​(long a, long b)  
    static int xor​(int a, int b)  
    static long xor​(long a, long b)  

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  • Constructor Details

    • IndyMath

      public IndyMath()
  • Method Details

    • chooseMathMethod

      public static boolean chooseMathMethod​(Selector info, MetaMethod metaMethod)
      Choose a method to replace the originally chosen metaMethod to have a more efficient call path.
    • plus

      public static int plus​(int a, int b)
    • minus

      public static int minus​(int a, int b)
    • multiply

      public static int multiply​(int a, int b)
    • mod

      public static int mod​(int a, int b)
    • or

      public static int or​(int a, int b)
    • xor

      public static int xor​(int a, int b)
    • and

      public static int and​(int a, int b)
    • leftShift

      public static int leftShift​(int a, int b)
    • rightShift

      public static int rightShift​(int a, int b)
    • plus

      public static long plus​(long a, long b)
    • minus

      public static long minus​(long a, long b)
    • multiply

      public static long multiply​(long a, long b)
    • mod

      public static long mod​(long a, long b)
    • or

      public static long or​(long a, long b)
    • xor

      public static long xor​(long a, long b)
    • and

      public static long and​(long a, long b)
    • leftShift

      public static long leftShift​(long a, long b)
    • rightShift

      public static long rightShift​(long a, long b)
    • plus

      public static double plus​(double a, double b)
    • minus

      public static double minus​(double a, double b)
    • multiply

      public static double multiply​(double a, double b)
    • div

      public static double div​(double a, double b)
    • next

      public static int next​(int i)
    • next

      public static long next​(long l)
    • next

      public static double next​(double d)
    • previous

      public static int previous​(int i)
    • previous

      public static long previous​(long l)
    • previous

      public static double previous​(double d)