Class GroovydocManager


public class GroovydocManager
extends java.lang.Object
A utilities for managing groovydoc, e.g. 1) extracting groovydoc from groovy AST; 2) TODO extracting tags from groovydoc; 3) attach groovydoc to AST node as metadata
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    static java.lang.String DOC_COMMENT  
  • Constructor Summary

    Constructor Description
    GroovydocManager​(boolean groovydocEnabled, boolean runtimeGroovydocEnabled)  
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    void handle​(ASTNode node, GroovyParser.GroovyParserRuleContext ctx)
    Attach doc comment to member node as meta data

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    • GroovydocManager

      public GroovydocManager​(boolean groovydocEnabled, boolean runtimeGroovydocEnabled)
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