Class CompileDynamicProcessor


public class CompileDynamicProcessor extends AnnotationCollectorTransform
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    • CompileDynamicProcessor

      public CompileDynamicProcessor()
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    • visit

      public List<AnnotationNode> visit(AnnotationNode collector, AnnotationNode aliasAnnotationUsage, AnnotatedNode aliasAnnotated, SourceUnit source)
      Description copied from class: AnnotationCollectorTransform
      Implementation method of the alias annotation processor. This method will get the list of annotations we aliased from the collector and adds it to aliasAnnotationUsage. The method will also map all members from aliasAnnotationUsage to the aliased nodes. Should a member stay unmapped, we will add an error. Further processing of those members is done by the annotations.
      visit in class AnnotationCollectorTransform
      collector - reference to the annotation with AnnotationCollector
      aliasAnnotationUsage - reference to the place of usage of the alias
      aliasAnnotated - reference to the node that has been annotated by the alias
      source - source unit for error reporting
      list of the new AnnotationNodes