Class ProcessingUnit

Direct Known Subclasses:
CompilationUnit, SourceUnit

public abstract class ProcessingUnit extends Object
A base class for data structures that can collect messages and errors during processing.
  • Field Details

    • phase

      protected int phase
      The current phase
    • phaseComplete

      protected boolean phaseComplete
      True if phase is finished
    • configuration

      protected CompilerConfiguration configuration
      Configuration and other settings that control processing
    • classLoader

      protected GroovyClassLoader classLoader
      The ClassLoader to use during processing
    • errorCollector

      protected ErrorCollector errorCollector
      a helper to share errors and report them
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • configure

      public void configure(CompilerConfiguration configuration)
      Reconfigures the ProcessingUnit.
    • getConfiguration

      public CompilerConfiguration getConfiguration()
      Gets the CompilerConfiguration for this ProcessingUnit.
    • setConfiguration

      public final void setConfiguration(CompilerConfiguration configuration)
      Sets the CompilerConfiguration for this ProcessingUnit.
    • getClassLoader

      public GroovyClassLoader getClassLoader()
      Returns the class loader in use by this ProcessingUnit.
    • setClassLoader

      public void setClassLoader(GroovyClassLoader loader)
      Sets the class loader for use by this ProcessingUnit.
    • getErrorCollector

      public ErrorCollector getErrorCollector()
      Errors found during the compilation should be reported through the ErrorCollector.
    • getPhase

      public int getPhase()
      Returns the current phase.
    • getPhaseDescription

      public String getPhaseDescription()
      Returns the description for the current phase.
    • isPhaseComplete

      public boolean isPhaseComplete()
    • completePhase

      public void completePhase() throws CompilationFailedException
      Marks the current phase complete and processes any errors.
    • nextPhase

      public void nextPhase() throws CompilationFailedException
      A synonym for gotoPhase(getPhase() + 1).
    • gotoPhase

      public void gotoPhase(int phase) throws CompilationFailedException
      Wraps up any pending operations for the current phase and switches to the given phase.