Class JsonParserCharArray

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
JsonFastParser, JsonParserLax

public class JsonParserCharArray extends BaseJsonParser
Converts an input JSON String into Java objects works with String or char array as input. Produces an Object which can be any of the basic JSON types mapped to Java.
  • Field Details

    • charArray

      protected char[] charArray
    • __index

      protected int __index
    • __currentChar

      protected char __currentChar
    • NULL

      protected static final char[] NULL
    • TRUE

      protected static final char[] TRUE
    • FALSE

      protected static char[] FALSE
  • Constructor Details

    • JsonParserCharArray

      public JsonParserCharArray()
  • Method Details

    • decodeFromChars

      protected Object decodeFromChars(char[] cs)
    • hasMore

      protected final boolean hasMore()
    • hasCurrent

      protected final boolean hasCurrent()
    • skipWhiteSpace

      protected final void skipWhiteSpace()
    • nextChar

      protected final char nextChar()
    • exceptionDetails

      protected String exceptionDetails(String message)
    • decodeJsonObject

      protected final Object decodeJsonObject()
    • complain

      protected final void complain(String complaint)
    • decodeValue

      protected Object decodeValue()
    • decodeNull

      protected final Object decodeNull()
    • decodeTrue

      protected final boolean decodeTrue()
    • decodeFalse

      protected final boolean decodeFalse()
    • decodeJsonArray

      protected final List decodeJsonArray()
    • currentChar

      protected final char currentChar()
    • parse

      public Object parse(char[] chars)