Class ProcessingContextInformation


public class ProcessingContextInformation extends Object

Holds all context-specific information which is needed during the transformation phase of a single Contract and its related ClassNode.

  • Constructor Details

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    • setConstructorAssertionsEnabled

      public void setConstructorAssertionsEnabled(boolean other)
    • isConstructorAssertionsEnabled

      public boolean isConstructorAssertionsEnabled()
    • isPreconditionsEnabled

      public boolean isPreconditionsEnabled()
    • isPostconditionsEnabled

      public boolean isPostconditionsEnabled()
    • isClassInvariantsEnabled

      public boolean isClassInvariantsEnabled()
    • contract

      public Contract contract()
    • readerSource

      public ReaderSource readerSource()
    • sourceUnit

      public SourceUnit sourceUnit()
    • put

      public void put(String key, Object value)
    • get

      public Object get(String key)
    • addError

      public void addError(String msg, ASTNode expr)