Annotation Type PackageScope

@Documented @Retention(SOURCE) @Target({TYPE,METHOD,CONSTRUCTOR,FIELD}) public @interface PackageScope
Annotation used for turning off Groovy's auto visibility conventions. By default, Groovy automatically turns package protected fields into properties and makes package protected methods, constructors and classes public. This annotation allows this feature to be turned off and revert back to Java behavior if needed. Place it on classes, fields, constructors or methods of interest as follows:
 @PackageScope class Bar {      // package protected
     @PackageScope int field    // package protected; not a property
     @PackageScope method(){}   // package protected
or for greater control, at the class level with one or more PackageScopeTarget values:
 import static groovy.transform.PackageScopeTarget.*
 @PackageScope([CLASS, FIELDS])
 class Foo {              // class will have package protected scope
     int field1, field2   // both package protected
     def method(){}       // public
 class Bar {         // public
     int field       // treated as a property
     def method1(){} // package protected
     def method2(){} // package protected
This transformation is not frequently needed but can be useful in certain testing scenarios or when using a third-party library or framework which relies upon package scoping.
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