Class ConsoleTextEditor

All Implemented Interfaces:
ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, Accessible, ScrollPaneConstants

public class ConsoleTextEditor extends JScrollPane
Component which provides a styled editor for the console.
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  • Constructor Details

    • ConsoleTextEditor

      public ConsoleTextEditor()
      Creates a new instance of ConsoleTextEditor
  • Method Details

    • getDefaultFamily

      public String getDefaultFamily()
    • setDefaultFamily

      public void setDefaultFamily(String defaultFamily)
    • setShowLineNumbers

      public void setShowLineNumbers(boolean showLineNumbers)
    • setEditable

      public void setEditable(boolean editable)
    • clipBoardAvailable

      public boolean clipBoardAvailable()
    • getTextEditor

      public TextEditor getTextEditor()
    • initActions

      protected void initActions()
    • getUndoAction

      public Action getUndoAction()
    • getRedoAction

      public Action getRedoAction()
    • getPrintAction

      public Action getPrintAction()
    • enableHighLighter

      public void enableHighLighter(Class<? extends DocumentFilter> clazz)